By Cameron Hutchison

Division 1 Seniors
Qualifying Final
Olinda-Ferny Creek 14.22(106) d Healesville 5.17(47)
Olinda will take on Woori Yallock next week in the second semi-final while Healesville will need to regroup as they take on Wandin in the last chance first semi next week. Olinda peppered the goals against the wind in the first quarter, kicking 2.8 to 1.4 but inaccuracy made the quarter time margin only 10 points. With the wind, they could not find the big sticks with another 2.8 to Healesville’s two behinds and the lead at the main break was 28 points. Their accuracy was still under question in the third term but both sides contested the ball and both kicked 3.5. Olinda found the goals in the last, kicking 7.1 to 1.6 to come away with a big 59-point win at the final siren. Olinda will need to sort out their goalkicking for next week as 36 scoring shots to 22 should have seen the final margin a whole lot different to what it ended up.
Olinda-Ferny Creek Goals: J. Charge 3, N. Keegan 2, B. Walter 2, T. Millwood 1, D. Wilson 1, L. Taylor 1, M. Bonuda 1, C. Brown 1, K. Currie 1, E. Greenall 1. Best: M. Hottes, J. Wallis, J. Charge, C. Beattie, D. Fitzgerald, E. Greenall.
Healesville Goals: R. Woodford 2, D. Anderson 1, J. Nugent 1, S. Donkin 1. Best: T. Costigan, L. Daly, N. Mende, D. Plozza, S. Donkin, J. Savage.
Elimination Final
Wandin 7.11(53) d Upwey-Tecoma 4.13(37)
Wandin will take on Healesville in the first semi next week while Upwey-Tecoma’s season has come to an end. In a low-scoring game, Upwey-Tecoma got the jump in the first term, kicking 3.3 with the wind to just one behind. Wandin bounced back in the second quarter, kicking 6.5 and held Upwey-Tecoma to only four behinds. The margin at the main break was 17 points in Wandin’s favour. Inaccuracy plagued Wandin in the third term with a 1.5 quarter but Upwey could only manage 1.1. Upwey-Tecoma held Wandin scoreless in the last but could not convert when it mattered and only kicked five behinds to give Wandin the win at the final siren.
Wandin Goals: M. Polkinghorne 4, P. Hodgett 2, D. Hirst 1. Best: R. Ross, D. Stephen, M. Polkinghorne, N. Molnar, P. Bruzzese, M. O’Donohue.
Upwey-Tecoma Goals: J. Hackett 2, D. Waters 1, J. Tailby 1. Best: C. Hayes, D. Sloane, J. Hackett, K. Grenda, B. Oates, J. Hevern.
Division 1 Reserves
Qualifying Final
Healesville 11.19(85) d Wandin 5.2(32)
Healesville Best: P. Connell, T. Sund, R. Carruthers, R. Hay, C. Barclay, R. Saric-Skewes.
Wandin Best: T. Adamson, S. Berner, C. Foley, A. Rouget, M. McKenzie, A. Wisby.
Elimination Final
Mount Evelyn 12.9(81) d Emerald 3.4(22)
Mount Evelyn Best: Not provided.
Emerald Best: K. Burns, T. Wilson, J. Fidanza, J. O’Brien, H. Leo, C. Bray.
Under 18s
Qualifying Final
Mount Evelyn 11.14(80) d Healesville 4.5(29)
Mount Evelyn Best: J. Shaw, M. Gibbons, D. Maunder, C. Burton, M. Darke, M. Bail.
Healesville Best: K. Brown, J. Rosser, E. Muke, L. Schatz, C. Fulford, N. MacDonald.
Qualifying Final 2
Emerald 7.6(48) d Wandin 2.6(18)
Emerald Best: M. Thomas, C. Roma, T. Thomsen, S. Kapahnke, J. Zimmerling, R. Goonan.
Wandin Best: T. Smith, B. Stokes, T. Garner, R. Smith, A. Mandl, A. Baker.
Elimination Final
Upwey-Tecoma 10.8(68) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 5.8(38)
Upwey-Tecoma Best: L. Sholer, T. Holland, A. Grenda, N. Duckworth, T. Hauler, A. Bartils.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: M. Templeton, C. Downard, D. McKinley, D. South, J. Firrito, M. Frazzetto.
Elimination Final 2
Woori Yallock 9.10(64) d Warburton-Millgrove 3.6(24)
Woori Yallock Best: S. Burnside, L. Falkingham, J. Aitchison, M. Anderson, T. Amarant, R. Whitworth.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: M. Read, P. Hay, J. Bishop, C. Reiffel, M. Leeds, B. MacDonald.
Qualifying finals
Division 1 A Grade
Woori Yallock 47 d Wandin 37
Woori Yallock will face off against Olinda-Ferny Creek next week in the second semi and Wandin will take on Warburton-Millgrove in the last chance first semi next week. Woori Yallock got the early break shooting 12 goals to 10 in the first term. They opened the margin up a bit in the second quarter shooting 10 goals to eight but he margin was still only four goals at half-time. A strong third quarter saw Woori Yallock shoot 16 goals to eight and their break was now 12 goals and now out of reach of Wandin. Wandin outscored Woori Yallock in the last but their run was left all too late.
Woori Yallock Goals: Stacey Fleming 25, Sarah Hogan 22. Best: Abby Stranger, Sarah Hogan, Casey Barnes.
Wandin Goals: Jackie Cullimore 16, Sinead Lumsden 13, Carly McDonnell 8. Best: Tayissa Coppinger, Sinead Lumsden, Jackie Cullimore.
Division 1 B Grade
Olinda-Ferny Creek 43 d Wandin 39
Olinda-Ferny Creek Best: Melanie Van Diemen, Jacqui Carr, Carolyn Bates.
Wandin Best: Keeley Iedema, Kelly Nicol, Tash Halton.
Division 1 C Grade
Woori Yallock 30 d Olinda Ferny Creek 26
Woori Yallock Best: Kimberly Williams, Ellie Van Der Westhuizen, Ashleigh Borthwick.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Alana Wallis, Romy Schauble, Paris Tilley.
Division 1 D Grade
Olinda-Ferny Creek 32 d Warburton Millgrove 30
Olinda-Ferny Creek Best: Leah Cody, Casey Seymour, Michelle Tomlinson.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Cathy Pye, Teagan Adams, Peta Adams.
Elimination Finals (Saturday 2nd September)
Divison 1 A Grade
Warburton-Millgrove 49 d Monbulk Hawks 28
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Karly Wappett, Bridget Nix, Bianca Daniels.
Monbulk Hawks Best: Paige Whitworth, Olivia McPherson, Nicole MacDowell.
Division 1 B Grade
Monbulk Hawks 45 d Warburton Millgrove 42
Monbulk Hawks Best: Megan Coad, Olivia Crook, Sara Zachariah.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Natalie Jaman-Hogan, Brianna Hipwell, Melanie Hancock.
Division 1 C Grade
Warburton-Millgrove 34 d Upwey-Tecoma 23
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Jacqueline Darwell, Morgan Moran, Samantha Hansen.
Upwey-Tecoma Best: Christine Thompson, Tamieka Stapleton, Shannon Lennie.
Division 1 D Grade
Woori Yallock 29 d Healesville 15
Woori Yallock Best: Madelaine Noble, Nikki Evans, Sophie Young.
Healesville Best: Kate Methven, Caitlyn Morris, Ruby Smith.
AFL Yarra Ranges 17 and Under Netball
Qualifying Final
Wandin 20 d Healesville 10
Elimination Final
Olinda Ferny Creek 35 d Mount Evelyn 31
Division 2 Seniors
2nd Semi Final
Yarra Glen 11.18(84) d Belgrave 10.13(73)
Yarra Glen have beaten all the tipsters and shown that they are premiership contenders after knocking off minor premiers Belgrave and heading straight into the Grand Final, while Belgrave will have to come up against Powelltown in a preliminary final next week. Yarra Glen got the early break in the first term kicking 2.4 but Belgrave came back late in the quarter and kicked 2.4 to take a one point lead into quarter-time. Yarra Glen played some tough, hard footy in the second quarter, kicking 2.7 and held Belgrave to only three behinds and the lead were now Yarra Glen’s by 15 points. Belgrave outscored Yarra Glen in the third term kicking 4.4 to 3.3 and they reduced the margin to eight points at three-quarter time. The lead went up and down during the last quarter but Yarra Glen were never headed; they had more inside 50 opportunities than Belgrave kicking 4.5 to 4.2 but Belgrave were always in with a chance to steal victory but Yarra Glen held strong in the end.
Yarra Glen Best: R. McDermott, J. Clare, B. Ashton, R. Smith, R. Gurney, M. Gower.
Belgrave Best: D. Noy, R. Fitzgerald, T. Marks, J. Brown, T. Stubley, Y. Curtis.
1st Semi-Final
Powelltown 14.14(104) d Seville 13.17(95)
Powelltown Best: R. Johnson, M. Pote, D. Roy, J. Walker, M. McLaughlin, J. Rohan.
Seville Best: D. Broadway, M. Cecere, A. Wind, J. Neal, B. Penwill.
Division 2 Reserves
2nd Semi-Final
Belgrave 14.5(89) d Powelltown 6.6(42)
1st Semi-Final
Yarra Glen 3.10(28) d Alexandra 2.8(20)
2nd Semi-Finals
Division 2 A Grade
Belgrave 65 d Yarra Glen 12
Belgrave Best: Lauren Bennett, Angela Jeffery, Kalen Winters.
Yarra Glen Best: Chelsea Birchall, Prue Purdey, Georgia Taylor.
Division 2 B Grade
Belgrave 43 d Yea 33
Division 2 C Grade
Belgrave 32 d Yea 24
Division 2 D Grade
Yarra Glen 17 d Belgrave 11
1st Semi-Finals
Division 2 A Grade
Kinglake 49 d Yea 37
Kinglake Best: Jade White, Samantha Goggins, Laura Atkins. Yea Best: Meg Sundblom, Bridget O’Dwyer, Chelsea Spagnolo.
Division 2 B Grade
Alexandra 42 def Yarra Glen 32
Division 2 C Grade
Kinglake 29 d Yarra Glen 27
Division 2 D Grade
Yea 24 d Alexandra 11

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