New single supports mental health

Lili-Violet hopes her new single will help those struggling with mental illness.

A local artist hopes her debut single, based on the passing of a local teenage boy, will be a tool to help those struggling with mental illness.

Emerald musician Lili-Violet has written ‘Doesn’t mean you’re lonely’ in memory of Trent Kennedy, a local teenager who tragically took his own life last year.

Lili-Violet said Trent was one of her sister’s close friends and his death had a significant impact on their entire friendship group.

“None of them had actually experienced what it was like to lose a friend, after that everyone had a huge wake up call,” she said.

The 19-year-old was inspired to write about mental health after witnessing the huge impact Trent’s death had on her sister and the local community.

She now hopes her song can help other people struggling with their mental health.

“If it can help one person then it has done its purpose,” Lili-Violet said.

“When people can personally relate to music it helps get your emotion out, especially when it comes to mental illness, music is hugely used as a coping mechanism.

“It can change a really crap day into a really good one and that’s what I want my music to do, I want people to think outside the box but also feel better.”

‘Doesn’t mean you’re lonely’ was written for the Cardinia Shire Music Residency Program, which Lili-Violet won this year.

The program saw her work with producers and songwriters James Seymour (Feelds, Merpire), Jarred Young (Bad Pony) and Katie Wighton (All Our Exes Live in Texas, KIT).

The debut single is available for listening on Bandcamp and Youtube.