Core moral values

Alana and Chrissy work on literacy and art skills.Alana and Chrissy work on literacy and art skills.

THE health and wellbeing of each student in a safe learning environment is at the core of a Catholic school education.
Catholic schools develop pastoral care policies that incorporate student safety with a holistic focus on the development of every child.
Catholic schools are steeped in the church’s teachings, promoting charity, tolerance and a commitment to the common good.
The social and moral development of each student is vital, as is the important curriculum areas including literacy, numeracy, science, art, and physical education.
Also crucial in a Catholic school community is the partnerships between parent and teacher and home and school which assist students to grow in faith and learning.
Catholic schools have excellent facilities especially after the roll out of the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program.
Catholic Education executive director Stephen Elder said Catholic schools had used the BER program to their advantage.
“Catholic schools built multi-purpose halls, libraries, science centres and classrooms which are now being enjoyed by teachers and students throughout the state,” he said.
Some Catholic school projects cost as much as $3 million.
“Parents at Catholic schools can see for themselves the results of this program which was a collaborative effort between the Catholic Education Office and schools,” he said.