Morrison’s, by the book

Author Paula Herlihy, past treasurer Peter Sank and office co-ordinator Amy Whitrod with Morrisons Men Shed participants Jack Kleynjan, John Smith, Alan Price, Chris Simonsen, Eric Wilkinson and Rod Woolley are all excited about the history book. 112189 Picture: REBECCA BILLS


MORRISON’S has now released a history book tracing back to its humble beginnings in 1976.
The not-for-profit organisation has provided quality education, training, childcare services and community development opportunities, with a proud history of offering quality learning opportunities.
The history book, written by local resident Paula Herlihy, showcases the last three and a half decades of growth and success of the house to date.
The Mail met with Ms Herlihy and past treasurer Peter Sank who said this book was a great community asset – especially for the younger generations, new employees and house users to understand the history or the organisation.
Both Ms Herlihy and Mr Sank are original committee members from 1976 and both are still connected to Morrisons as board members or staff.
“The great thing about Morrisons and its people is that it has been able to adapt and change as circumstances arise,” Mr Sank said.
“At all times we keep our focus on our founding principles of community-based, formal and informal learning and growing especially with those who are most vulnerable in our community.
“Morrisons has also built great relationships and achieved mutually beneficial partnerships with business, education institutes, government, parents, childcare, volunteer organisations and individuals to help our people deliver world-leading programs and projects.”
The Morrison’s History Book will be available for purchase from 12 December, 2013 from the Mount Evelyn Station House, Morrison House main reception office and through the author Paula Herlihy at
The official launch party for the book will be held in March 2014 at Morrison’s original location at Old Hereford Road.
More details will be available closer to the date.
For more information, visit