Leap of faith into reality television

Ali and Lis from Mount Evelyn feature on the Channel Nine program, ''Buying Blind''.

By Peter Douglas

Mount Evelyn couple Ali and Lis hit television screens at 7.30pm, on Tuesday 12 June, on Channel Nine, taking a starring role in the new program ‘Buying Blind’.

After applying to join the show and signing on just six months ago, the couple agreed to put their ambitions to enter the housing market in the hands of three professionals – which is the ‘hook’ of the show.

Although Lis admitted it had been a huge leap of faith, local audiences now had the opportunity to join them on their journey.

“Although we felt very vulnerable at times, we can sit back now and see that it is all worth it,” Lis said.

“There were concerns about our budget and what it could deliver; it was hard, there were plenty of rollercoasters.

“What you get with us is what you see on television. We’re a busy family and have a lot to juggle.”

Lis said the Channel Nine crew had been extremely supportive throughout the process, helping them to navigate their first-time in becoming reality television stars.

She said their application to join the show had come from genuine frustration at getting into the local housing market.

Their ambition was to secure a property that was big enough for their family of five (they have three young girls) and was near to their children’s school.

“We had spent about one year going out to homes and looking for homes and looking online,” Lis said.

“We had contemplated buying an older home and renovating, but with three kids and work commitments it was just impossible.

“Our family thought we were crazy, but we’re all really happy with how it’s turned out.”

‘Buying Blind’ follows experts who work together on their quest to find and transform properties that satisfy each couple’s dream.

The experts include buyer’s agent, Rich Harvey, interior designer Shayanna Blaze, and builder Marshall Keen.