Celebrating 100 years of art

Artist Maxwell Wilks in his studio at Olinda. 183856_02

The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society (TMPS) was established in 1918 with the view of mounting annual exhibitions of members’ work.

Ten decades later the society’s aesthetic remains firmly grounded in classical disciplines, recognising that the pictorial elements of tone, form, colour and drawing, are vital prerequisites of fine painting.

About to celebrate their 100th anniversary, the commitment of the TMPS members is what the strength of the society is built upon. Today’s group of accomplished practitioners, as did their forebears, share a clear mission or purpose.

Olinda artist and member of the TMPS, Maxwell Wilks, certainly displays that commitment to the group and describes the Society’s objective as consolidating and improving, “the standards of traditional art in the community”.

Mr Wilks’ work will feature at the 100th anniversary exhibition and he spoke to the Mail about his art which is widely recognised as featuring fiery orange reds, spark-like flicks of colour and vivid blues.

“I suppose I’m an impressionist, but I am a realist painter,” he said.

“I usually paint from a subject and use oils, watercolours and pastels.”

Having joined in the 80’s, Mr Wilks has been an enduring member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society and even acted as president for several years.

He said art lovers were welcome to come to the anniversary exhibition, though anyone could enjoy and appreciate the art that ash been selected. “Anyone can come, you don;t have to be an art connoisseur,” he said.

“Every second day for the entire exhibition we will hold a talk by one of the painters in the group … you can go around with the painter and ask questions about his work and the society.”

The Twenty Melbourne Painters Society Inc. 100th Celebratory Exhibition will open on 22 August at 6pm, at the Glen Eira City Council Art Gallery and will run until 9 September.

Anyone interested in attending can find more information at http://twentymelbournepainterssociety.com.au/