Making new music

The Ranges Young Strings.

 Ranges Young Strings is rehearsing a brand new music piece written just for them.

The Dandenong Ranges Music Council (DRMC) ensemble for young string players is part of the Victorian Community Orchestras project.

The project has also connected with the Dandenong Ranges Orchestra, and has a mission to introduce community orchestras to composers.

The result is original works or arrangements of major works, encouraging a collaborative approach to bring new music to life.

The Ranges Young Strings work is called Forest Song and has three movements representing different aspects of the local forest – understory, canopy and decomposition.

All the groups will perform at the Malvern Town Hall on Saturday 24 August at 4pm.

Visit for more information and ticket sales.

DRMC’s education week activity will give students from the Ferny Creek, Kallista and Macclesfield primary schools an opportunity to help compose a song about jobs and careers.

Music specialist Cath Russell will hold song writing workshops at each school then will use students’ musical ideas and words to write a song.

The finished piece will be available on the DRMC website for all students to learn and sing.