Students strike for climate

Members from KICKASS at a recent Yarra Ranges Council meeting.

A Yarra Ranges student climate activist group is calling on other students in the area to take part in an upcoming global climate strike.

The group called KICKASS will join millions of children from 160 different countries as part of the climate strike on 20 September.

KICKASS is a group of Yarra Valley students that claimed it formed six months ago in response to the climate emergency.

It meets fortnightly at Yarra Valley ECOSS ﹘ a non-for-profit community organisation that aims to demonstrate sustainable living solutions.

The Executive Officer of Yarra Valley ECOSS, Chelsea Mcnab, said it’s great to see the group take part in the strike and fight for its future.

“It’s very encouraging to witness the energy of KICKASS action group in raising awareness about climate change,” she said.

“They have an understanding that they are campaigning for a better outlook for their future.”

A spokesperson from the Hills Community for Climate Action said the climate strike provided a chance for the wider Yarra Ranges community to show its support towards climate action.

“After the recent climate emergency declaration from Yarra Ranges Council, we are keen to show that the wider Yarra Ranges community are fully supportive of climate action, and the global strike is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

KICKASS claimed its formation was inspired by teenage climate activist Greta Thunburg, who at the age of 15 took time off every Friday to stand outside parliament with climate change signs.

The group will march as part of the Melbourne Global Climate Strike.