Jane Rutter and her flute to wow Montrose again

Internationally renowned flautist Jane Rutter is coming to Montrose.

In a fascinating concert at Montrose, legendary Australian flautist Jane Rutter will play 10 solo gold, silver, bamboo, classical and ethnic flutes and whistles.

The aptly called Flute Spirits and The Four Seasons concert will include works from Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Indian Ragas, Debussy, Devienne, and flute pieces that mystically connect the Australian Dreamtime.

Acclaimed world-wide for her mastery of the flute, with several Number one albums and ARIA nominations, Jane Rutter was awarded the prestigious French medal Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in 2016.

A self-described classical free spirit Ms Rutter has devoted her life to French flute playing which she perceived as having its own ‘voice’.

“I really love to communicate through musical sound and in France we view the flute as a kind of voice,” she said.

“I‘ve pushed the boundaries of the French notion of the flute as a kind of voice and collected several 100 different ethnic flutes. Over the last 20 years, I’ve been playing all sorts of different flutes.”

“In this program it’s designed to show people how different kinds of flute and flute deities and versions there are around the world”

“It’s called flute spirits and I get a real kick out of it, as each flute has a story to tell from their and it’s a very way to journey around the world with different pieces through the flute.”

Ms Rutter said the sounds of a flute evoke both a haunting yet meditative spirit and that audiences could expect a musical journey.

“I Love to approach music from this idea that there no real boundaries and in music you should be able to use skills and instruments to contribute your musical journey.”

“To a degree that’s what’s given me incredible longevity. When I playa and when my flute teacher played, the idea is that you pick up your flute and the sound travels instantly in the the heart of the listener.”

“I guarantee the audience will feel like they’re at a dinner party or on a shared journey across the world through various beautiful pieces of music.

Jane Rutter will play at Montrose Town Centre on 27 October. For tickets go to: http://ach.yarraranges.vic.gov.au/Whats_On/Jane_Rutter_Flute_Spirits_The_Four_Seasons#.XZ09jkYza70