A Belgrave Christmas party

Santa and Yarra Ranges Mayor Richard Higgins in Belgrave Arcade with a Cockatoo. 202315_02

There is a Christmas experience like no other taking place in Belgrave and Mail Photographer Rob Carew was there to catch all the action.

Hidden throughout Belgrave this festive season are The Dandenong’s favourite native animals working hard to get Belgrave ready for Christmas.

The game follows the story of animals that inhabit the hills and how they celebrate and prepare for Christmas. The enchanting critters can be seen wrapping presents, decorating trees and sending letters as they prepare for Santa’s arrival.

The only catch is that you have to find them.

In order to find these furry little friends, all one needs to do is download the ‘Hidden Stories Belgrave’ app and follow the map, or find the footprints along the main shopping strip of Belgrave.

Once you discover them, you can watch the augmented reality come to life.

There are 10 locations to find and there are daily prizes up for grabs if you used the hashtag #BELGRAVEBUZZ when uploading to socials.

“It really is a retelling of the Christmas party,” Bill Atta, chief product officer at Dreemer said.

“There’s our heroic figure of Santa checking on the animals. There is tinsel being thrown over statues, dancing cockatoos and galah in the arcade, there’s a wombat that parachutes from the main street loaded with presents for her young, a koala trying to post a letter to Santa and the platypus art down by the train platform is used as the welcome party.”