School seeks strength through knot tying

Penelope Lang ties knots with students Lara and Holly. 209698 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Upwey South Primary School is using a community arts project to help symbolise strength during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ribbon tie project has seen both students and parents tie ribbons along the school’s main basketball court fence in the shape of USPS.

The school’s performing arts teacher, Penelope Lang, said the project was organised to help keep families optimistic during the recent tough times.

“It’s been heavy for these kids and parents and I just wanted to brighten spirits a little bit and create a bit of optimism,” she said.

“And getting them to reflect on the good things that have come out of remote teaching and learning.”

Ms Lang said another reason for tying knots was because the knot was a Chinese symbol for good luck.

As each student tied a ribbon to the fence, they were also asked to reflect on what has helped tie the community together during the isolation period.

“I want them to reflect on it, I don’t want them to pretend it hasn’t happened. I want them to acknowledge how we learn and grow from it,” Ms Lang said.

Upwey South Primary School has been among schools across the state that have welcomed all students back to the classroom since 9 June.

Ms Lang said that despite school life being different, it was great to have students back.

She added that it was incredible to now reflect on the school’s success during the remote learning period.

“It’s a bit weird but it’s lovely. We feel like it’s a new normal, we’re still all getting used to certain things and certain areas being out of bounds, like drinking fountains,” Ms Lang said.

“What we achieved not just as staff but as a community was quite emotional when I think about it.”