Quake shake


A small Magnitude 2.2 tremor shook south eastern suburbs for a brief moment, just after 7pm on Wednesday night, 29 July.

According to Geoscience Australia, the earthquake was felt closest to its epicentre at Pakenham, and it certainly didn’t take long for people to jump on social media to report the shake.

“It felt like a wave under the house rolling underneath,” one woman said.

“Yes, felt like something hit my house,” another said.

People in Pakenham, Nar Nar Goon, Gembrook, Cockatoo and Emerald experienced the quake, but those living as far out as Croydon also reported feeling the rumble.

Almost 60 kilometres away, Kilsyth resident Brayden Halamoutis said he felt his house shake.

“All my friends around The Basin area also said they felt it,” he said.

“I can’t believe it went so far … It wasn’t scary big or anything but I 100 percent felt the house shake.”