On a brighter note

Giselle Leonard is an avid young writer submitting weekly articles to the Lilydale Star Mail.

By Giselle Leonard

Pre covid days.

“Bye Pippi” Covid Kid calls to me as she swishes out the door. I watch as she peddles away and silently mark her off my list.

Her brother left a little while ago, Mum following suit not long after, leaving me with only ‘Dad’.

I hope that today maybe the one they call Dad will stay at home all day, but they gave me that bone this morning, like they every Monday.

So I deduce that Dad will be leaving soon… And alas, I am right.

The door swings shut and I am alone to contemplate what I am going to do today.

Maybe cause some mischief…

During Covid days.

All the day long they don’t leave me. All day I have friends. Albeit sometimes stressed friends, maybe something to do with that Covid person… but never mind. Who cares?

I have friends and family around me all day! Ready to play tug-on-a-sock or do stomach scratchies all day long! At that moment I think my life is perfect! Woof!