Success at State Champtionships

Under-11 mixed relay team of Tyler, Mitch, Zoe and Kayla with coach Nick.

Yarra Ranges Athletics had seven teams qualify and compete at the LAVic State Track Relays at Casey Fields on Saturday.

For 10 of the 17 kids, it was their first time at a State Championship.

Most of the teams recorded personal bests on their Region times.

Final results were:

U10 Girls 4x200m: DQ.

U9 Mixed 4x100m: 14th – 1.06.71

U10 Mixed 4x100m: 19th – 1.01.36

U11 Mixed 4x100m: 15th – 1.00.32

U10 Girls 4x100m: 9th – 1.04.17

U10 Boys 4x100m:23rd – 1.04.62

U11 Girls Medley: 5th – 2.14.70

Also on Saturday, Yarra Ranges Athletics Little Athletics athletes strived for more personal bests at Morrison Reserve, while Combined Event participants received their points tally and placing from the weekend before.

The club’s seniors competed at the AVSL round on Friday night at Doncaster.

This was the ‘Nitro’ Round with a range of unique scoring formats in field events and track events.

Highlights included the 2x2x400m relay that concluded the evening with YRA teams being very successful.

Results were:


60yds: Tiara Willis 08.85; Sarah Rollo 08.77; Ashlinn Walker 08.82; Ashleigh Rooke 09.12; Hayley Wilkins 09.19; Ciara Willey 09.37; Sarah Ebbels 10.69; Anne-Marie Ebbels 12.34.

600yds: Kellie Emmerson 1:48.1h; Mia Strudley 1:48.6h; Sarah Rollo 1:49.2h; Ciara Willey 1:50.0h; Erika Bedyn 2:35.0h.

Mile: Kellie Emmerson 5:40.0h; Mia Strudley 5:42.8h Bonnie Morris 6:13.2h.

Javelin: Hayley Wilkins 33.13m; Ashlinn Walker 22.55m; Meg Sparkes 17.98m; Ashleigh Rooke 16.47m; Anne-Marie Ebbels 14.44m; Sarah Ebbels 13.38m; Erika Bedyn 12.64m; Lauren Starr 11.94m; Kathi Hewitson 10.56m.

Shot Put: Hayley Wilkins 8.75m; Ashleigh Rooke 8.10m; Meg Sparkes 7.40m; Sarah Ebbels 7.01m; Erika Bedyn 5.94m; Anne-Marie Ebbels 5.85m; Lauren Starr 5.05m; Kathi Hewitson 4.78m.

Long Jump: Ashlinn Walker 4.49m; Ciara Willey 3.76m.


60yds: Camden Hewitson 07.89; Craig Hewitson 08.61.

600yds: Camden Hewitson 88.3h; Hayden Rooke 1:32.9h; Craig Hewitson 1:41.0h; Jamie Strudley 1:45.1h; Brayden Woolridge 1:51.9h.

Mile: Max Savill-Bentley 4:52.8h; Camden Hewitson 5:02.5h; Craig Hewitson 5:37.6h.

High Jump: Oliver Duncan 1.60m.

Javelin: Dale Bullen 41.02m; Brayden Woolridge 39.16m.

Shot Put: Brayden Woolridge 11.21m; Dale Bullen 8.33m.

Long Jump: Oliver Duncan 4.83m.

4x100m: (Hayden Rooke, Ashleigh Rooke, Sarah Rollo, Camden Hewitson) 50.83; (Oliver Duncan, Mia Strudley, Ciara Willey, Brayden Woolridge) 56.42; (Craig Hewitson, Kellie Emmerson, Jamie Strudley, Ashlinn Walker) 58.03.

2x2x400m: Yarra Ranges (James Anderson, Kellie Emmerson) 4:35.56; (Camden Hewitson, Ciara Willey) 4:35.65; (Mia Strudley, Max Savill-Bentley) 5:07.16; (Bonnie Morris, Craig Hewitson) 4:37.92; (Erika Bedyn, Jamie Strudley) 5:33.44.

Next weekend the club’s seniors will compete in Round 8 of AVS, while the Little Athetics will farewell another the year during a twilight program on Friday night.

The weather is likely to be very hot so updates will be posted on Facebook, the club’s website and other social media.