An evening of good theatre

Kemp's Curtain Call. Picture: ON FILE

By Peter Kemp

The 1812 Theatre


Serge buys an expensive painting – white lines on a white canvas. To Marc, the painting is a joke. Yvan is on the fence.

1812 Theatre had a great set, on audience right was the painting, six foot by four foo,. The stage was three levels, comprising three picture frames with white interiors. The lowest frame borders, the other two were silver framed and browned framed, was an old-fashioned type with gold.

On audience right was a two seater couch and on audience left rear was a hanging clear plastic circular chair, next to that was a drink tray.

Serge was played by Nigel Leslie who gave a stunning performance as the man who bought the controversial painting. He was argued by his friend Marc who thought he was crazy to buy such a painting. Marc was well played by Bren Wittingham who gave a good performance as the friend who was a practical man and could not see the relevance of contemporary art.

Their other friend, Yvan, played by Tony Burge, who thought he saw what Serge saw in the painting. Burge gave an outstanding performance as the man who broke down in front of his friends and was on the eve of his wedding which stirred up some touching moments.

A good evening of theatre where the actors had a great rapport, working well with each other and presented well to the audience.

Only one comment, the stage was rather large for a three-hander and your reviewer feels it may have been done in the Bakery@1812.

A play with no interval which certainly was not needed.

The Basin Theatre

The Sum of Us

A windowed father lives with his son and is very supportive of him finding Mr Right, while he in turn is quietly hoping for some female company of his own, the play looks at love in whatever form and the importance of having love regardless of gender, in a person’s life.

We are drawn into the lives of the two main characters through asides directly to the audience, as we witness the jovial banter between father and son along with their internal monologues.

Season: November 23 – December 3.

Burrinja Theatre

An afternoon with Maroondah Symphony Orchestra.

Join Burrinja for a captivating afternoon in The Park at Burrinja. Under the guidance of conductor David Keeffe, the Maroondah Symphony Orchestra will serenade you with timeless masterpieces.

Relax amidst nature’s beauty as you enjoy the orchestra’s lush sounds. Lay out your picnic blanket and let the music weave its magic in the open air.

Season: Sunday 3 December at 2pm. Venue: The Park at Burrinja