Q&A with Singer and creator of Eastern Burbs Living Sarah Grimstone

Sarah Grimstone is a singer and the social media manager and creator of Eastern Burbs Living.

1. What is something people don’t know about you?

In my spare time, you will most likely find me plotting away in my veggie garden! I was never much of a green thumb until lockdown started and it’s now grown into one of my biggest passion projects. I find it so relaxing and it’s extremely rewarding to see all of your hard work result in some incredible produce that you can share with family and friends!

2. Tell us about your role as the EBL founder and singer?

EBL was another passion project that was born out of the first lockdown. Prior to Covid you would find me most weekends singing beautiful couples down the aisle on their special day and all of a sudden, that came to a grinding halt. Music has been my life for such a long time and I have been so fortunate to travel all over the world with my music and have so many incredible experiences including making it to the semi finals of ‘The Voice’ in 2017. Lockdown really made me reevaluate my passions outside of music and I must say I was feeling really down knowing I had so much time on my hands and couldn’t figure out the best way to utilise it. I wanted to put it to good use and I noticed so many people online were asking for places to buy and shop locally whilst all the bigger outlet stores were closed. That was my lightbulb moment and that is when EBL was born! I wanted to create a space for those small businesses who could still operate out of their homes and spotlight the incredible people in our local community who deserved a voice. It’s truly been such a blessing to have built this growing community and I am grateful for it every day.

3. What has been your most memorable moment in your time for either EBL or as a singer? Why?

I would say with my music, it would definitely be having the opportunity to meet Ed Sheeran in a tiny pub in Dublin. I was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to travel with the Nova radio team on their Nova Red Room Global Tour back in 2015 through my YouTube partnership and it was the most surreal experience of my life. We travelled for 10 days across the world listening to music and meeting incredible artists but for me the stand out was Ed. He really changed my perspective on the power of songwriting and I admire his work so much.

With EBL, I would say walking into a local florist I hadn’t been to prior and having one of the staff recognise me from the page. They were so incredibly kind and so grateful for the platform and it really just made me realise that people actually care about this project and it’s more than just an Instagram page. That’s all I’ve ever wanted it to be and to know that someone in the community can feel the love and support that I am trying to share through this page makes me emotional. EBL has grown to be such an important passion of mine and I truly believe the best moments are yet to come!

4. What do you love most about living in the region?

I think the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne truly has it all. It’s so leafy and relaxed yet it definitely has its pockets of bustling streets which is great! For me community is everything and I really feel that it’s growing especially during such isolating times where so many people are craving those relationships and connections. I like to think that we are right in the triangle with access to the beautiful Yarra Valley & Dandenong Ranges in one direction, the Mornington just down the road in the other direction and then the city is a short 40 minutes away in the other. What more could you want! We really are spoiled for choice here and i just love that every day is a new day of discovery for cafes, restaurants and other local small businesses that are alway popping up!

5. What is an important issue in the region you think needs exposure?

This might be bias as EBL is very much focused around small business support but i do truly believe that with everything going on right now, our small business community needs us more than ever. These are real people with real families and when you buy from them directly, you are not only supporting their dreams, you are supporting their livelihoods. Everybody can play their small part to make such a huge difference. Next time you’re out shopping, head to that local butcher you’ve been thinking about going to, buy those flowers from the small stand on the corner, purchase that candle from the mum who spends her weekends working away in the garage and show that you truly care for the community around you because they do so much work behind closed doors for us.