Librarians love a good story

Librarians Wendy Morrison and Sarah Litchfield with some of their favourite books. 174600

Children love festive story books and books make great stocking fillers or to read before bed on Christmas Eve. Here are six festive children’s books recommended by librarians.

Pig the elf by Aaron Blabey

No one loves Christmas more than Pig. And the world’s greediest Pug will stay up all night to get his presents.

Why I love Christmas Illustrated by Daniel Howarth

Featuring children’s own words, this book is an ideal stocking filler. From Christmas trees to Christmas cake and everything in between, it includes the things that children love about Christmas.

Santa Claus and the three bears by Maria Modugno

Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear weren’t expecting any company when they went for a walk on Christmas Eve.

This book delivers a festive twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, with Santa Clause stepping in as a cheerful intruder.

The prose is accompanied by beautiful watercolour pictures.

Dave’s Christmas Cracker by Sue Hendra

Dave loves Christmas. There are friends, decorations, presents and, best of all, there is an enormous Christmas meal including lots of Brussels sprouts. Rumble, rumble goes Dave’s tummy. Christmas is going to be explosive!

The Bush Santa illustrated by Mandy Foot

As the sun sets on Christmas Eve, the Bush Santa’s big night begins. He travels around Australia delivering special presents to all the Aussie animals from the cockies in Cairns and the crocs of the Top End, to the wallabies in Canberra and the quokkas of Rottnest Island.

An Aussie Night before Christmas by Yvonne Morrison

Christmas in the middle of an Australian summer means Santa has to find new ways to deliver his presents.

The obvious solutions are to don a sun hat, shorts and a pair of thongs, not to mention ditching the sleigh and reindeer for roos and a ute.

Each line of this traditional verse has been rewritten with Aussie references.