The delights of stage and sound

The opera is coming to the hills with a very special outdoor performance. Picture: UNSPLASH.

By Peter Kemp

The return of The Basin Theatre

The Basin Theatre’s opening production for 2022 was the play Photograph 51.

The story is about Rosalind Franklin and her contribution to the discovery of DNA double helix structure and how her contribution was overlooked for decades.

The Basin Theatre set the stage with the centrepiece of a double helix that was used very successfully throughout the performance.

On audience right was a piano which gave some mood music during the evening.

Audience left were some chairs and stage rear were three lockers which at the end of the show gave the audience quite a surprise.

As Rosalind Franklin, Francesca Carl gave a first clad performance, not taking any stirring from her male colleagues and catching the finer nuances in the role.

Her, perhaps one could say, opposition was Maurice Wilkens, played by Daniel Minutillo.

Another good interpretation of the role, Minutillo has good stage presence and projects well.

Franklin’s assistance and friend was Ray Gosling played by Andrew Tomazos. Tomazos captured the feel of the character projecting well and worked well with Carl.

Don Caspar was played by Daniel Barwick, giving a good performance as such a character .

Aaron Wilson was James Watson who with Ryan Nunn as Frank Crick came to the fore in Act 2. Both catching the correct feel for their roles and all players worked well together.

One lady player and five male players.

The stage setting was well done and the lighting kept up with the cast when they moved across the stage. There were scenes where a narration was called for and this was done by various members of the cast.

A good evening of theatre and bodes well for the balance of the 2022 season.

An afternoon at the opera

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Victoria are presenting four delightful afternoons of glorious Victorian ballads performed in a beautiful garden setting at The Knowe – 4 Clarkmont Road, Sassafras.

Gates open at 12.30pm to enjoy a picnic lunch and the performance commences at 2pm.

Season: March 19, 20, 26, 27. Bring your own picnic, bubbles available at the bar.