Foundation bricks to build funds

Mount Evelyn Sports and Community Hub vice president Mal Darke and president Bryan McCarthy are raising funds and asking people to be founding members of the Mount Evelyn pavilion by purchasing a foundation brick. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS. 253180_06

By Mikayla van Loon

For members of a sports club, whether a new or a lifelong member, being recognised for your contribution is an honour.

That’s why the Mount Evelyn Sports and Community Hub (MESCH) committee is selling ‘foundation bricks’ for the building of the new pavilion at Mount Evelyn Recreation Reserve.

MESCH vice president Mal Darke said the bricks are a great way of celebrating the various sports clubs and their members in Mount Evelyn but also a way of fundraising.

“The people and families that have had a contribution to the club over any period of time but also those people that have been part of the club for a long time, can have their name memorialised on the wall of the new club rooms as a founding member,” he said.

“So it gives that opportunity for people who, in the past, have contributed and also those people that are going to be part of the club moving forward for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, can have their name as a memorial on the wall in the club room for all their family and friends to see for years to come.”

Mr Darke said applications have also been received from the families of some club members who have died so they can be remembered for the next 50 or more years as the building stands in the reserve.

The bricks are $500 each but Mr Darke said he understands this may be too expensive for some people, so they have come up with ways to ensure everyone who wants a brick gets one.

“We also offer payment plans for people so they can pay them off over whatever period of time suits them because we don’t want anyone to miss out.

“And you can have up to two families on the brick, so you might want to go halves with someone.”

The bricks will be placed in prime position for everyone to see – the foyer area outside the club rooms.

“So they’re going to be put on a wall or maybe two walls, depending on how many we sell, in that foyer area. They’ll be quite prominent and people will be able to see them as they walk in,” Mr Darke said.

So far around 60 bricks have been sold through the application process but Mr Darke said he hopes over 100 will sell in total.

“[The delays have] really impacted our ability to sell these bricks because people are reluctant to commit financially, when they haven’t seen any progress.

“So the delays are really impacting sales, as have the Covid restrictions, not being able to sell them face to face and catch up with people down at the clubs at home games and stuff like that.”

Mr Darke said community organisations, charities and not-for-profits that have supported and been a part of the Mount Evelyn sports clubs are invited to make an application for a brick.

“Fundraising aside, it’s just a really nice way to acknowledge people that have been part of the club, who have contributed to that club and where it is now, to help put the club on the pathway to where it is.

“While we get going to have shiny new club rooms and great facilities for the community, we need to acknowledge the people that made the club what it is.”

On Friday 15 October, MESCH was advised Yarra Ranges Council had received the necessary planning approval and permit from the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning to start demolition and construction of the Mount Evelyn Sports and Community Hub.

To apply for a brick, go to, click the tab ‘Buy a Brick’ and fill out the application form.