Melbourne Water conducting water release for Yarra River

Water will be released into the Yarra River from Wednesday 17 April. Picture: ON FILE

Melbourne Water will deliver an autumn high release of approximately 6.2 GL of water for the environment to the Yarra River commencing on Wednesday 17 April.

Melbourne Water advise that the river has received some freshening flows via recent rainfall, environmental water delivery in late February (a summer/autumn fresh), and a period of low flow supplementation during protracted dry, hot conditions in March. This release, however, aims to support the spawning of the native fish species Australian Grayling who require higher flow events in autumn.

The release will commence on 17 April from Upper Yarra and Maroondah reservoirs with a peak of 560 ML/day at Millgrove between 21-28 April and 1300 ML/day at Warrandyte between 23-29 April. Water harvest will be halted at Yering Gorge at this time to maximise flows. The release will cease from the reservoirs on 1 May.