Surprise deliveries to Coldstream doors

Coldstream families were surprised to see a bag filled with food secretly dropped at their doors. Picture: Supplied

By Renee Wood

Coldstream Primary School families have received a special delivery with food care packages delivered to their homes on Tuesday 14 September.

Some 45 bags were secretly left at local doors by student helpers, much to the surprise of the recipients.

The school wellbeing group wanted to do something special for families as the lockdown and remote learning continues.

Principal Phillippa Adgemis said the school received lovely feedback from parents who found the goodie bags.

“Almost immediately we had one post on Facebook saying I saw this little ninja dropping off a care package and wanted to say thank you very much, it makes us feel good about themselves.

The students who were also involved were grateful they could be part of something good during a challenging time.

“I said to them, ‘how do you feel about having been involved in that? How does it make you feel?’ And they said it makes us feel really warm in the heart.

“And that’s exactly what you want, you want kids to be compassionate and our values are compassion and respect and those become really important in time like this.

“You can be knocked over but it’s not the hand of cards we’re dealt in life, but the way you pick them up and play them.”

Principal Adgemis said gratitude and compassion is discussed daily with students during remote learning.

“We acknowledge things that we can be grateful for, so we’ve been focusing on gratitude and giving rather than feeling sorry for themselves.”

The food used for the packages was from the school’s breakfast program, which is currently unable to run while the school’s closed due to state restrictions.