Council vs a tree

The tree on Milgate Court that has been approved for removal.

By Mikayla van Loon

A resident from Milgate Court in Mooroolbark has urged Yarra Ranges Council to remove a native tree because it has become a danger to local pedestrians.

Csaba Szabo expressed his concerns at the most recent council meeting on 28 September about how dangerous the debris from the tree can be.

The native tree drops what Mr Szabo described as “very hard fruit or nuts” on his nature strip and the footpath outside his house.

“In my opinion it causes a great walking hazard. Somebody could slip on it, it’s very hard, it rolls under your feet and somebody could get hurt,” he said.

At 70 years old Mr Szabo said he is not physically capable of maintaining the nature strip and footpath on a regular basis, nor can he afford to employ someone to do so.

When Mr Szabo does mow the grass, the lawn mower flicks the nuts and he said it did cause him an injury because the nuts “shoot out like bullets.”

Mr Szabo urged the council to replace the tree on his nature strip with something more friendly and ideal for the environment.

According to the council, a survey was conducted by other residents and no one opposed the removal of the tree, as long as it was replaced by something else.

Councillor Richard Higgins moved an alternate motion to remove the tree and replace it with another of a different sort.

The motion to remove the tree was passed with a vote of five to three.