Eastern quolls take up residence in Yarra Ranges

Healesville Sanctuary has welcomed a pair of eastern quolls to the family. Pictures: ZOOS VICTORIA.

A native duo, only found in the wild in Tasmania, have been welcomed to the Yarra Ranges, where they will now call home.

Two 12-month-old female eastern quolls – one black with white spots and the other fawn with white spots – have taken up residence in Healesville Sanctuary’s Nocturnal House.

Sadly, eastern quolls are now extinct on mainland Australia.

Healesville Sanctuary mammal keeper Madeleine Jane said the white spots on the quolls’ coat help these animals camouflage in the wild.

“The pair have been settling in well to their new home. We often see them exploring along the ground or quickly moving through the trees,” Ms Jane said.

“We have set up a bark hammock area which they absolutely love. While they also have the choice to den in a nest box or inside logs.”

Healesville Sanctuary is also home to a spotted-tailed quoll that can be found along the Woodlands Track.

Eastern quolls are listed as endangered with a decreasing population on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red list.

Once found in Victoria, eastern New South Wales, and in South Australia’s south-east, eastern quoll wild populations are now restricted to Tasmania.

They became extinct on the Australian mainland in the mid-1960s. Predation by introduced species such as feral cats and foxes is a threat to eastern quolls in the wild.

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